Thursday, June 9, 2011

First day in New York

So everybody know that the title of this blog doesn't make sence anymore... two days ago it was still one frenchy in Paris!
But something changed, I am in New York now! So, you're like "what the f...?!"
I finally obtained a temporary visa in order to make research on my project. Will give you more infos soon (I love to keep it misterious).

Let's go back to my day 1 in the big apple.

My temporary neighborhood is just so perfect! I didn't know that New Jersey could be so cool. Weehawken is the best!
Check this out, this is the view when I am in front of the building door.

I spent the afternoon to walk in the garment district in Manhattan. For those who know Paris, it is like the Sentier, so I wasn't really lost! But my surprise was when I entered in Mood. It was being in the Wonderland of fabrics!