Sunday, October 31, 2010

You should know that we never saw each other in person!

A chance encounter or just destiny? Part. 2

Mademoiselle A almost started the concept with an old friend. She was signing papers for the lawyer when the phone ringed :
“I can’t do it”
Ok. No panic… Actually, a big freaking panic. Dream broken.
“I am a loser. Don’t have any goal in life. Lost”
After a few weeks, a jumble of thoughts and a big screaming feeling inside, Mademoiselle A decided it was time to go further.
She started by looking for someone to help for the marketing/PR and sales. She had no idea how to find the right person.
American ? French ?
“I should have networked with marketing people during my studies instead of those crazy arty fashiony people…”
After reviewing random profiles and really expensive agencies, she sent an email to a friend in Paris.
That same day she received a return email with an attachment.
When she opened the word doc., she knew that was the one. It was like falling in love professionally.
“French, Fluent English, Eclectic, Motivated, Wants to move…OMG how is that possible?”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A chance encounter or just destiny? Part.1

Mademoiselle L current situation is clear: she is fed up with her professional career as an employee in a real estate agency… When you start waking each morning, and keep delaying your alarm clock, arriving right on time and leaving at 6.30pm sharp: the signs are obvious, you need to quit! But it is not an easy decision to make…
No husband, no kids, young and full of dreams, Mademoiselle L decided to look at this damn crisis right in the eyes and make a decision for herself. She decided to stop being miserable and look after her happiness and future. She started looking for a new job!
She sent emails to her whole network: friends, professional contacts, online business networks and so forth… Oh and I also forgot the usual procedure: applying and preparing for DOZENS of interviews!
Few weeks later, Mademoiselle L started to receive applications answers, mostly negative due to her lack of experience in the field she wanted to settle in… The funny thing about experience is that you need to be employed in a company first in order to build it!
Mademoiselle L became grumpy, depressed and sad, thinking she was going to be stuck in a field she wanted to leave….  One day, while checking out her emails, she saw a mail of a business contact. The message specified that Mademoiselle A was in MIAMI, running a business and was looking for a person who would be in charge of marketing, communication and business development.
Is it a chance encounter or destiny? Whatever it is, this message was the beginning of a wonderful story.

Mademoiselle L

One of my hobbies? Changing dreams into reality.  My enthusiasm, positivism and determination started to make me realize all the tools, assets and knowledge I needed to become the businesswoman I always wanted to be.
I started studying Economical and Social sciences in High school. I love Communication and Marketing studies, therefore I pursue my studies in that direction and started a bachelor degree. I did the first 2 years in my hometown and did the last year in the Netherlands where I specialized in International Communication and got inspired by the field! It just wasn’t enough for the workaholic that I am! Something was missing… Therefore, I went back to France and started a master in International business and management.
Studying is the basic but I wanted more! So each year, I joined different type of organizations in order to test my ability to: manage projects, people and time, organize myself, multi task and work under pressure as well as build my personal network. 
Today, I started my own nonprofit organization in fashion. Next to that, I work as a real estate agent: the best way to learn hardcore techniques in sales and negotiation… But passion is missing… Starting this organization helps me to keep my passion alive. But again… This is just not enough for me…
I have the opportunity to meet wonderful, smart and passionate people part of the fashion industry. I decided to spread the word through my personal network that I would love to put my knowledge and expertise at the service of a brand with a real spirit, another way to get closer to my dream…

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mademoiselle A

French, Obstinate, Independent, Love food and wine, Is a music addicted, Has really bad jokes, Laughs a lot.

I am a fashion designer, with a specialization in the Lingerie market. I have a fashion designer/pattern maker diploma from ESMOD Paris.
One year ago, I found myself stuck in Parisian traffic everyday with a really stressful and low-paying job, a monster of a boss, more than white skin (almost transparent) and huge dark circles (yes, this is the real life for a 24-year-old fashion designer in Paris, not glamorous at all…).
And one day, the opportunity to have a job in Miami crossed my path.... Needless to say, two months later I was on a plane!
I don’t know if Miami is inspiring, or if simply changing the direction of my life did it, but shortly after I arrived I started to think about having my own business.
The concept of Lil’B was growing in my head and after a months of disappointments, heartache and finally joyfulness, I was done with my business plan. Lil’b was finally more than just an idea in my head, all I needed to do was to find someone as crazy as me to go ahead.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Concept : Lil'B

Aren’t you tired of the big Lingerie industry monsters? Why does buying lingerie have to be so serious? Why does it feel impossible to find comfortable AND sensual lingerie? Why is it a pain for my boyfriend to go into a Lingerie store?

For French women it is astounding to see how poor the Lingerie market is in the USA. We are used to having hundreds of different brands with different qualities, prices, styles at our disposal when shopping for lingerie…
We have discovered that the Lingerie image in the USA is really negative, boring, and complicated.

We believe that there is a market for women who want to buy Lingerie and have fun. And, most importantly, a market for a new kind of lingerie that makes you feel fashion forward.

And everybody knows how greedy women are…

Lil’B proposes to mix and match Lingerie and Candy inspirations; combining colors, packaging, and shapes... This is a playful and funny concept that retains imaginative yet affordable products. It will be a store model and also online sales.

The brand will propose a collection of lingerie, home-wear, hosieries and accessorizes in fresh and funny colors reminiscent of candies. Each product will have a special packaging in different themes ; ice-creams, lollipops, milkshakes…
Candies, gums and treats will be proposed in the same type of color corresponding to the lingerie collection.
The overall spirit is a positive concept for adults customers who wants to have a break from the serious act of consuming.

Welcome to Lil’B world!!