Friday, December 31, 2010


Here we are! What are YOU going to wear tonight? Well, this is what we are going to wear :)

Enjoy the last 2010 hours... and see you in 2011!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you Kristy for the Xmas blog event! :)

Thanks to Kristy and her team for the fabulous blog event she is hosting!
Check it out and leave a comment!!! 

Enjoy your holidays guys ;)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally in Paris together!!! :)

- Metro Parmentier, 11e arrondissement: Paris is completely white! Mademoiselle A is walking in the snow… with cute boots from Miami, but… let’s be honest: snow, cold and high heels? Not an easy way to face the season… but a pretty one!

- Rue..rue..rue.. P. ah, there we are! Mademoiselle A, in front of the building, looks up in the sky and start smiling.
- Mademoiselle L is walking in her apartment… preparing tea, cleaning her mess… gathering paper blocks, pens, plans... And then realizes… “What is missing?”…
- Did you ever feel that you know someone so bad that you forgot you never met that person? Well, let’s be honest that doesn’t happen pretty often… Mademoiselle A thought she would sucks at having the first discussion. You need to know that being sociable isn’t Mademoiselle A cup of tea…
- “Dring!!!”, that is Mademoiselle A in front of the door!!!
- Mademoiselle L opens the door and think: Wow: stylish, bow tie nice smile, no surprise… a well dressed designer with taste!
They both hugged, and started chating like they met ages ago…  in live now! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tell us more about you!!!

Hello guys,

Last week we discovered Mademoiselle L and A favorite candy and chocolate spots !
This week, they want to know more about you!!!

- What is your favorite candy? your favorite chocolate?
- Do you have a candy you use to love during your childhood and that you hardly find in candyshops nowadays?
- Do you have a place you like where you discovered an amazing treat?

Leave Mademoiselle L & A comments on the blog, the facebook page or send them an email at:

They want to know more about you and hope that you will be a lot to share your sweets preferences :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


What is your favorite sweet? There are so many of them but when you arrive in a store, why do you pick that particular one? (You know… that little cute one waiting for you in its beautiful package whispering: EAT ME)

Mademoiselle L is a chocolate lover! And when I say lover… I mean that she could go into a 24h shop, late at night in her pajamas… just to enjoy a chocolate bar in front of her favorite soap! She often wishes she could fly from Paris to NY just to satisfy her chocolate addiction and you know why? Because she had the chance to eat one of the best chocolate bar ever while travelling to NY last summer! Crafted by chocolate makers using quality beans. It was at The Mast Brothers chocolate factory. It is THE paradise for chocolate addicts! And with no hesitation, Mademoiselle L would pick the Hazelnuts one with Dark Venezuelan chocolate! Yummy!!!

Oh… and can you guess what Mademoiselle A would pick? Any ideas?? This sweet and joyful designer is found of something fruity, colorful, which could be found in different shapes... Something that reminds us of rainbows… It is one of the oldest candies in the world… We are talking about LOLLIPOPS!!! She love them and while making a business trip in Las Vegas, she had the opportunity to drop by The Sugar Factory… a crazy place that just made her head spin in all directions!

And now, some of you might think... “What are these two crazy girls talking about? I thought I was following 2 frenchies trying to set up a Lingerie concept store in NY?” Well, you are! And treats are part of our world too!!! As you have red it on THE LIL B CONCEPT page, our idea is to mix and match lingerie with candy inspirations/aspirations. The candy and chocolate spirit you encounter in previous paragraphs? You will be able to enjoy it with LIL’B.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Company registration? Check!
Opening a bank account while being in 2 different cities: (3 if you count our lovely lawyer?) Check!
Preparing the collections and sending all sketches to our factory? Not easy and still dealing but let’s say check!
Mademoiselle A preparing her “Xmas come back” and Mademoiselle L being excited about her venue? :  check!
Mademoiselle L and A, gathering all documents for the visa? Check!!!!!
Well, now… they have to be wait… be patient… and count the days (well… 7 weeks more or less…let’s hope for less!!) before the answer of the lawyer about their visa issue comes out… So, while reading this please keep your fingers cross for us J
Mademoiselle L & A are currently working hard in order to make their dreams come true… they have dark circle under  their eyes but… if they still have the smile, creativity and strength while working at their job on daytime and on LIL’B at night it is because they have faith in their concept!
For those who have a project, a dream they believe in: never give up and fight for it!
If Mademoiselle L & A are taking so many risk is because they feel it is worth it! And even more than that: they are passionate!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mademoiselle A interesting weekend...

As you already know, Mademoiselle A and Mademoiselle L are applying for a visa. And in order to do so, there is a million papers they have to gather together.
One of this is a bank statement. But first you need to have an business account right? Well that is not as easy as it looks like...

The issue were that nobody can help to open an account from Miami for a company in New York... And guess what, bankers wanted Mademoiselle A to register her company in Florida, just to open an account.

So after a lot of stressful talk with bankers in Miami, Mademoiselle A decided that going to New York would be way more simple.
So on friday night, after work, she flew from Miami to New York. Well, she was not expecting to loose 32 °F ( around 20°C) after 3 hours flying!

A cold and frozen toes later, she finally had an account for the company.
She went to see a few things after that, as you will be able to see on the pictures : The new Wonka concept store in Time Square, OK Mr and Ms Potatoes that was just for fun...., and the view from brooklyn heights.

And that is not all... Because what you don't know is that there is Art Basel going on in Miami. And if you need to know one thing is that this is THE SHIT!
So on saturday night, Mademoiselle A flight back to Miami in order to be able to enjoy Art Basel on Sunday.

Art Basel is one of the biggest Art fair in the world, and the city is totally becoming crazy. So there is all the Art fairs, like Art Asia, Scoope, Red Dot... And there is also everything else like live paintings, art gallery openings, street parties...
So basically you can see all the new crazy arty shit from all over the world.

That is quite a weekend, right?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Women, Lingerie & sweets… a matter of desire!

When you think of Lingerie & sweets, your senses are awake and you start to…

… taste the juicy flavor of fraise tagada in a cold and sparkling glass of champagne?
… feel how silk smoothly combine with your body?
… admire(or imagine) yourself, beautiful, wearing lacy underwear ? (and why not eating a toffee apple?)
… smell sweet fragrances like cotton candy or hot chocolate with fruits and a glass of red wine?

Now, match these comfy and pleasant sensations with you, beautiful and sensual woman that you are or with the image of the woman you are attracted to (for you FF, BF, husband, or whatever the name you give him): doesn’t it feel like a beautiful day dream?

If you come back to the reality, it is more like you (women) with scratchy thigh-highs, asking yourself when the BF will be here. And after 5 mins with the BF, you can not resist to say :
" Am I fat ?... No, tell me the truth [BF]...Do you think I am fat? I am trying to quit my chocolate and ice cream nights…" And you might even say that while eating a treat! And then what? You would probably get angry hearing “no honey, you look nice and beautiful”… and THAT particular sentence will turn you into an angry monster!!!

Women and sweets are like a love story: they broke up a lot, cry, sometimes make some drama but often come back to their passionate relationship... And it is all about Desire.. This is what relates Lingerie and Sweets : DESIRE.

Oh, and BTW: Because Love is the heart of our blog: we want to share with our followers and friends this beautiful song… Because we love U So…
Cassius, I LOVE U SO :