Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to basics

As everybody knows, I am working with two friends on a collection : Les Triplettes de Bastille. Well, I feel going back to school! And that's a really cool feeling!
So now I can share with you a few inspirations I am working on right now.

And for today the program is pattern making in Bastille!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Les Triplettes de Bastille are born!

Beginning of a collection is always really exciting. And way more exciting when you work with two friends!
So we started by spending one entire day in the Flea market ( Les puces de Clignancourt). OMG, that's just so good to be in the heart of the french touch!
Do you know that there is one guy for every little thing? Camera guy, fan guy, dolls guy, postcards guy, clock guy... Waou, that's crazy.
We also ate like pigs! Well, yeah, we are not really size 0 girls, so we assume (ok, not everyday, but most of the days). Anyway, Le Voltaire is like you eat at you Gran'ma's home.


Back with thousand of ideas, Les Triplettes de Bastille are brainstorming like crazy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plan B, here I am !

Hey guys! Want some gossips?

Well, let me introduce the new collective of designers in Paris : Les Triplettes de Bastille.

3 girlfriends (including Mademoiselle A) decided to associate their skills to design a collection. One is Accessories oriented, the other one is more about Ready-to-wear, and the last one (well, you know her…) is definitely in love with Lingerie.

They all were at this point of their life, you know… the “I am a f****** loser” point. Not really lucky, neither with their carrier nor with men, and I don’t even talk about money!

What is really cool about this collective? Mini collections accessible during private sales, each garment will be unique, and handmade by each designers.

So spread the world guys! Talk about Les Triplettes de Bastille to your friends, at work… And stay tuned, a Facebook page will be created soon.

Want to see Mademoiselle A’ work? Sketches, inspirations and sewing process will be posted if you keep supporting her! Do not forget to invite all of your friends to join the blog 2 Frenchies in NY.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What would be a plan A without the plan B ?

For those who didn’t follow the story of this blog from the beginning, let me recap a lil’ bit :

Mademoiselle A found a crazy idea 8 months ago; run a unique Lingerie Concept store and website in New York.
After developing the Business Plan, Mademoiselle A met with Mademoiselle L via emails and phone calls (at this time A was in Miami), and they became partner in the company.
A few months, a blog and around 300 followers later, the concept was in the starting blocks.
Unfortunately, losing Mademoiselle L meant that Mademoiselle A didn’t have enough money to start the project and obtain a visa.

But that is not funny if everything go smooth in life.
The good thing is now you know that your girl is pretty positive, right? So she decided that she will delay the Lingerie Concept in New York the time to find solid investors.

During this time, Mademoiselle A is starting plan B!

When you want to be big, you have to start small… this is what we say…

She is back in Paris with her sewing machine (best friend forever), mannequin, and hundred of different fabrics. You’re wondering what she is planning to do, right? Well, wait and you will know.

A hint? Back to basics!

Will update you soon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The king is back part. 2

OK, I know that is the second post about Lacroix… But this is not my fault if he is everywhere!
So, about Lacroix (ah… he is the best…) : he is the director of the current exhibition “L’orient des femmes” at the Quai Branly Museum.

There is about 150 dresses and coats, mostly from 1890 to 1950, handmade with absolutely amazing embroideries, colours, and patchworks.

You follow the way from the Sinaï Desert to the north of Syria, and you think about British or French travellers who discovered these women at the beginning of the 20th century… At this time the Fashion was as strict for women as for men. There was women in the middle east on the street walking with pure indigo dresses, colourful embroideries, coins sewed on their head band. What a clash of culture!

Sometimes during the time you’re in the exhibit, you would bet that Lacroix himself embroided some of the fabrics you’re watching!

Bravo to this really good exhibit!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The king is back

Christian Lacroix…. When Mademoiselle A hears that name she is full of admiration and sad at the same time. One of her dream was to have the chance to work for this Genius of the Haute Couture one day…
Unfortunately, she will never have that chance. Christian Lacroix Haute Couture ended in 2009.
But he is back! Well, not exactly the same spirit but that’s still him!
The designer developed a collection with the Spanish brand Desigual. Yes because this guy is not like everybody, and that’s why we love him. He could have design for H&M, like all the big fashion leaders, but no… He chose a brand more complex designwise, and it shows that he kept his spirit!

Here is a few picture of the partnership.

Just to not forget how amazing was his Haute Couture, I let you watch the last show. This is one of the deepest fashion show for Mademoiselle A, because it is so different from all the other Lacroix’ collections, it is full of emotions.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This adventure is full of surprises

First, we want to apologize for this long break. We were not dead but these past weeks were full of emotions.

Mademoiselle A is not really sure what to do now that she is alone in the project. Mademoiselle L decided to leave the company, so there is one investor missing in order to continue the adventure.

This is a complicate situation, but be sure that Mademoiselle A will handle it properly.
There is no way that she stop all the work that has been done, so you will be update on what plan she will decide to go for.

Well, this project is like a soap opera, never miss one episode or you will never understand what is happening!  

For those who don’t know yet the concept Mademoiselle A is working on, please go to the link “lil’b : the concept”, and share your opinion!
Thank you guys for your support, that is really important for this project!