Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plan B, here I am !

Hey guys! Want some gossips?

Well, let me introduce the new collective of designers in Paris : Les Triplettes de Bastille.

3 girlfriends (including Mademoiselle A) decided to associate their skills to design a collection. One is Accessories oriented, the other one is more about Ready-to-wear, and the last one (well, you know her…) is definitely in love with Lingerie.

They all were at this point of their life, you know… the “I am a f****** loser” point. Not really lucky, neither with their carrier nor with men, and I don’t even talk about money!

What is really cool about this collective? Mini collections accessible during private sales, each garment will be unique, and handmade by each designers.

So spread the world guys! Talk about Les Triplettes de Bastille to your friends, at work… And stay tuned, a Facebook page will be created soon.

Want to see Mademoiselle A’ work? Sketches, inspirations and sewing process will be posted if you keep supporting her! Do not forget to invite all of your friends to join the blog 2 Frenchies in NY.

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