Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Les Triplettes de Bastille are born!

Beginning of a collection is always really exciting. And way more exciting when you work with two friends!
So we started by spending one entire day in the Flea market ( Les puces de Clignancourt). OMG, that's just so good to be in the heart of the french touch!
Do you know that there is one guy for every little thing? Camera guy, fan guy, dolls guy, postcards guy, clock guy... Waou, that's crazy.
We also ate like pigs! Well, yeah, we are not really size 0 girls, so we assume (ok, not everyday, but most of the days). Anyway, Le Voltaire is like you eat at you Gran'ma's home.


Back with thousand of ideas, Les Triplettes de Bastille are brainstorming like crazy!


  1. Good luck with the new collection!
    I know, it is very exciting to brainstorm new ideas and envision the final product. All the best!


  2. Thank you for your support Aldina!!