Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This adventure is full of surprises

First, we want to apologize for this long break. We were not dead but these past weeks were full of emotions.

Mademoiselle A is not really sure what to do now that she is alone in the project. Mademoiselle L decided to leave the company, so there is one investor missing in order to continue the adventure.

This is a complicate situation, but be sure that Mademoiselle A will handle it properly.
There is no way that she stop all the work that has been done, so you will be update on what plan she will decide to go for.

Well, this project is like a soap opera, never miss one episode or you will never understand what is happening!  

For those who don’t know yet the concept Mademoiselle A is working on, please go to the link “lil’b : the concept”, and share your opinion!
Thank you guys for your support, that is really important for this project!

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