Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is always about tradeshows... D&A

Last week was the NY fashion week, of course everybody wrote about that. You already read enought posts full of skinny models pictures, so I decided to write about the D&A tradeshow.

By the way, I want to say that I was really surprised to see so many underweight models, I thought this awfull trend was over, but I was wrong. Knowing the fact that there is this huge famine going on in Somalia, that's kinda ironic. This is where you realized that the Fashion will always be this world appart.

Let's go back to the D&A my friends! I actually didn't know anything about this show, but everybody talked about it in New York, so I decided to go. And I really like the fact that they are on the emerging designers niche. Really high-quality show. All designers have a really good level of creativity.

I selected a few collections that I really liked.

Wo2, with their Beijin Urban style

Cleobella ♥♥♥

Claramonte was my best discover of this show

Jeanine Prayer with her new line of "fabric jewlery"

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NaïS featured on another blog

I got a good news for you, well I mean for me... Odelia wrote a post about NaïS on her blog!

Please spread the word! Be NaïS ; )

Monday, September 19, 2011


A lot of events going on in NYC! So exciting!

A few days after the below crazy block party, the IFB conference took place in the Meatpacking district, so of course I was there!

On the menu, a lot of known bloggers talking about a new way to blog, and the cherry on the top of the cake, Joe Zee as a keynote speacher.

A full day of conferences, but also a lot of Magnum Icecreams, a Customed Nails bar, Hairstylists, a Giant Missoni/target muppet, an Aldo gambling spot... So good to be a blogger...

My "blogger outfit"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day off

You remember that monday, when you woke up thinking that you will go to work... and when you opened the door you realized that was Labor day... yeah you know what I'm talking about.
Well that day was not just chillin day, it was also a good day for a crazy block party in the heart of Manhattan!
Every year, the record label Fool's Gold Records organise this huge event in the back of the City Winery (crazy, hum?). And they work with only cool artists (Duck Sauce with Barbara Streisand, that was them), so they know how to make people move their booties.
My favorites parts were definitely The Brothers Macklovitch, Cubic Zirconia, and the most funky DJ Mehdi (yeah for french people!!). By the way, I want to say that DJ Mehdi was way to young to die, and that he was just an amazing artist.
Araab Musik was amazing to watch.

So here is videos and pics of the event (, enjoy guys! 

Fool's Gold Day Off from Maxime Quoilin on Vimeo.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Be NaïS

I know, I haven't been the best blogger during these past weeks... not a lot of posts. Well, lets resume...I have a shitty phone, which I can not use to tweet or to facebook (you probably think SHAME ON YOU, and you'd be right), I moved a lot lately (from friends places to finally my own now), and I have a real business woman schedule (mostly because I am doing a lot of babysittings... yeah not so glamourous).
But the good news is that NaïS (our brand, just to remind you), have an Ipad. Big step!
So I will be able to tweet and facebook way more from now. Please, like us, follow us, be our friends, and spread the word :!/NaiSLingerie

And, because I like you very very much, let me share our catalogue with you guys. I hope you will enjoy, this is our first collection, SS 2012. Remember the name. NaïS is gonna be the coolest brand ever!