Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buying displays can be creepy

Sometimes doing regular stuff makes you feel in another world... Like buying displays from a random warehouse in New Jersey.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Parade

I let you enjoy, there is no words... Or maybe one : TERRIFIC!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daphné Guiness, more a collector than an icon

I must admit than I kinda have a problem with fashion icons. Exept Michael Jackson who really defined his own style and made it evoluate with the years, the concept of fashion icons is a joke for me.
For example, I don't think that Marylin Monroe was a "fashion" icon. I believe that she is an icon because she represents the 50' with a lifestyle and she had a tragic/amazing life at the same time. All of that make a person becoming an icon. Not just because she wears haute couture clothes .
When people ask me to choose an icon, I think immedialtely about Josephine Baker. Well, she representes for me the diversty, the controversion, the generosity, etc... 
So what I try to say is that real icons have an extraodinary life, personality, different believes, fight for something, represent a lifestyle or a period of time, have a tragic destiny. But how can we consider a star who just apply what her fashion advisor said as a fashion icon? 
This is where I want to talk about Daphne Guiness.

I went to the FIT museum to see the exhibit made out of the incredible looks owned by Daphne Guiness. What I really liked is how she consider the Haute Couture as art, and the exhibit showed really well this feeling.
It seems that she doesn't try to say "here is the best of the best", but more "this is what I consider as amazing, and I want to share it with you".
So she definitely has a collector type of approach, and I respect the person for that. All the press are defining this exhibit as a fashion icon exhibit, but I think that's deeper than that.
Fashion icon goes with a big part of ego-centric attitude, that we don't feel at all during this exhibit.
In terms of style, Guiness is for me the modern and Haute Couture version of Cruela Denfer, which I think is pretty cool ; )

Here is a few images you might like...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NaïS is everywhere!

Very Glossy, a really cool blog, and way more serious than mine, interviewed NaïS for their last "designer spotlight". Please check it out, and spread the word!

Be NaïS ; )

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is always about tradeshows... D&A

Last week was the NY fashion week, of course everybody wrote about that. You already read enought posts full of skinny models pictures, so I decided to write about the D&A tradeshow.

By the way, I want to say that I was really surprised to see so many underweight models, I thought this awfull trend was over, but I was wrong. Knowing the fact that there is this huge famine going on in Somalia, that's kinda ironic. This is where you realized that the Fashion will always be this world appart.

Let's go back to the D&A my friends! I actually didn't know anything about this show, but everybody talked about it in New York, so I decided to go. And I really like the fact that they are on the emerging designers niche. Really high-quality show. All designers have a really good level of creativity.

I selected a few collections that I really liked.

Wo2, with their Beijin Urban style

Cleobella ♥♥♥

Claramonte was my best discover of this show

Jeanine Prayer with her new line of "fabric jewlery"

Make me happy, leave comments!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NaïS featured on another blog

I got a good news for you, well I mean for me... Odelia wrote a post about NaïS on her blog!

Please spread the word! Be NaïS ; )

Monday, September 19, 2011


A lot of events going on in NYC! So exciting!

A few days after the below crazy block party, the IFB conference took place in the Meatpacking district, so of course I was there!

On the menu, a lot of known bloggers talking about a new way to blog, and the cherry on the top of the cake, Joe Zee as a keynote speacher.

A full day of conferences, but also a lot of Magnum Icecreams, a Customed Nails bar, Hairstylists, a Giant Missoni/target muppet, an Aldo gambling spot... So good to be a blogger...

My "blogger outfit"