Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not in New York just for fun

So let's get back to more serious talk. There is the ones who are followers from the beginning and know what is my goal in New York, and others who just appreciate the posts.
So here is a reminder. My job is fashion designer, and I specialized in Lingerie with a few companies in Paris. Then I moved to Miami, last year, for a Lingerie designer job. Living in the USA, brought me the envy to start my own company and to come up with a new concept, something unique.
So here I am, in New York, working with my business partner, who is a frenchie too. Our brand is NaïS, and this is a unique concept of Lingerie and Loungewear.

Please remember that name, because it's gonna be THE shit pretty soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project NY

Well, I got to say that is the first time I've been to a tradeshow as trendy as this. Really. Like really professional and really trendy at the same time.
It's about guys, denim, streetwear, accessories, neo-street-dandy, fresh and a little bit crazy at the same time.
Check this out.

The Blind Barber, yes there was a barber salon in the middle of the show...

Made By Project : Pop-up concept where each brand is performing their own craft. Bowery Lane bicycles, Hartford Denim Co, Joya, Walk up Press, just to name a few.

The brands we like :

The Gregory Allen Company

The Brooklyn Circus

Adidas SLVR

CXXVI Clothes

Friday, July 1, 2011


There is something about Brooklyn that is different from the rest of the world. There is that unique spirit, everything is just really cool.
Other areas are trying really hard, but I don't know, it will always stay a fake Brooklyn style. 
Brooklyn can be trendy, ghetto, family oriented, there is that soul everywhere that make you feel out of this crazy world.
Anyway, everybody is always posting about Brooklyn and Williamsburg, but I just wanted to post about Williamsburg Bridge.
Well Brooklyn Bridge is definitely amazing, no doubt. But I would choose Williamsburg Bridge. Not just to pretend to be cool and to not think as others. Because I really like it. 
Ok, it is ghetto. You don't find any tourists. You can see cool bikers, crazy bikers, wired people talking to themselves, long hair tatooed guys, orthodox jewish people, but no tourist.
And from the bridge you can see crazy graffitis, like a boat on the top of a building (WTF???!!!).

There is that amazing old and abandoned sugar factory along the East River, OMG, I would love to set up a photoshoot there!

I love the really industrial looking of this bridge. You kinda feel inside of the Eiffel Tower.

And I really would like to know who did that. It is just so good. And I am sure nobody notice it. It is smaller than a foot.