Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What would be a plan A without the plan B ?

For those who didn’t follow the story of this blog from the beginning, let me recap a lil’ bit :

Mademoiselle A found a crazy idea 8 months ago; run a unique Lingerie Concept store and website in New York.
After developing the Business Plan, Mademoiselle A met with Mademoiselle L via emails and phone calls (at this time A was in Miami), and they became partner in the company.
A few months, a blog and around 300 followers later, the concept was in the starting blocks.
Unfortunately, losing Mademoiselle L meant that Mademoiselle A didn’t have enough money to start the project and obtain a visa.

But that is not funny if everything go smooth in life.
The good thing is now you know that your girl is pretty positive, right? So she decided that she will delay the Lingerie Concept in New York the time to find solid investors.

During this time, Mademoiselle A is starting plan B!

When you want to be big, you have to start small… this is what we say…

She is back in Paris with her sewing machine (best friend forever), mannequin, and hundred of different fabrics. You’re wondering what she is planning to do, right? Well, wait and you will know.

A hint? Back to basics!

Will update you soon.


  1. I can't wait to discover what you have in mind !!! Stay as gritty and crazy as you are and you will succeed, you deserve it !

  2. In the spirit of New York for young, real people.

    This is not sugar coated, this is real.
    How to actually survive the move to New York…

    Facts and tips that are practical and useful! Exactly what I needed!