Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Concept : Lil'B

Aren’t you tired of the big Lingerie industry monsters? Why does buying lingerie have to be so serious? Why does it feel impossible to find comfortable AND sensual lingerie? Why is it a pain for my boyfriend to go into a Lingerie store?

For French women it is astounding to see how poor the Lingerie market is in the USA. We are used to having hundreds of different brands with different qualities, prices, styles at our disposal when shopping for lingerie…
We have discovered that the Lingerie image in the USA is really negative, boring, and complicated.

We believe that there is a market for women who want to buy Lingerie and have fun. And, most importantly, a market for a new kind of lingerie that makes you feel fashion forward.

And everybody knows how greedy women are…

Lil’B proposes to mix and match Lingerie and Candy inspirations; combining colors, packaging, and shapes... This is a playful and funny concept that retains imaginative yet affordable products. It will be a store model and also online sales.

The brand will propose a collection of lingerie, home-wear, hosieries and accessorizes in fresh and funny colors reminiscent of candies. Each product will have a special packaging in different themes ; ice-creams, lollipops, milkshakes…
Candies, gums and treats will be proposed in the same type of color corresponding to the lingerie collection.
The overall spirit is a positive concept for adults customers who wants to have a break from the serious act of consuming.

Welcome to Lil’B world!!

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