Sunday, October 31, 2010

A chance encounter or just destiny? Part. 2

Mademoiselle A almost started the concept with an old friend. She was signing papers for the lawyer when the phone ringed :
“I can’t do it”
Ok. No panic… Actually, a big freaking panic. Dream broken.
“I am a loser. Don’t have any goal in life. Lost”
After a few weeks, a jumble of thoughts and a big screaming feeling inside, Mademoiselle A decided it was time to go further.
She started by looking for someone to help for the marketing/PR and sales. She had no idea how to find the right person.
American ? French ?
“I should have networked with marketing people during my studies instead of those crazy arty fashiony people…”
After reviewing random profiles and really expensive agencies, she sent an email to a friend in Paris.
That same day she received a return email with an attachment.
When she opened the word doc., she knew that was the one. It was like falling in love professionally.
“French, Fluent English, Eclectic, Motivated, Wants to move…OMG how is that possible?”

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