Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mademoiselle L

One of my hobbies? Changing dreams into reality.  My enthusiasm, positivism and determination started to make me realize all the tools, assets and knowledge I needed to become the businesswoman I always wanted to be.
I started studying Economical and Social sciences in High school. I love Communication and Marketing studies, therefore I pursue my studies in that direction and started a bachelor degree. I did the first 2 years in my hometown and did the last year in the Netherlands where I specialized in International Communication and got inspired by the field! It just wasn’t enough for the workaholic that I am! Something was missing… Therefore, I went back to France and started a master in International business and management.
Studying is the basic but I wanted more! So each year, I joined different type of organizations in order to test my ability to: manage projects, people and time, organize myself, multi task and work under pressure as well as build my personal network. 
Today, I started my own nonprofit organization in fashion. Next to that, I work as a real estate agent: the best way to learn hardcore techniques in sales and negotiation… But passion is missing… Starting this organization helps me to keep my passion alive. But again… This is just not enough for me…
I have the opportunity to meet wonderful, smart and passionate people part of the fashion industry. I decided to spread the word through my personal network that I would love to put my knowledge and expertise at the service of a brand with a real spirit, another way to get closer to my dream…


  1. Mademoiselle L !
    Classy, Beauty and Passion ...
    Keep up the Hard Work !