Monday, October 25, 2010

Mademoiselle A

French, Obstinate, Independent, Love food and wine, Is a music addicted, Has really bad jokes, Laughs a lot.

I am a fashion designer, with a specialization in the Lingerie market. I have a fashion designer/pattern maker diploma from ESMOD Paris.
One year ago, I found myself stuck in Parisian traffic everyday with a really stressful and low-paying job, a monster of a boss, more than white skin (almost transparent) and huge dark circles (yes, this is the real life for a 24-year-old fashion designer in Paris, not glamorous at all…).
And one day, the opportunity to have a job in Miami crossed my path.... Needless to say, two months later I was on a plane!
I don’t know if Miami is inspiring, or if simply changing the direction of my life did it, but shortly after I arrived I started to think about having my own business.
The concept of Lil’B was growing in my head and after a months of disappointments, heartache and finally joyfulness, I was done with my business plan. Lil’b was finally more than just an idea in my head, all I needed to do was to find someone as crazy as me to go ahead.

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