Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Women, Lingerie & sweets… a matter of desire!

When you think of Lingerie & sweets, your senses are awake and you start to…

… taste the juicy flavor of fraise tagada in a cold and sparkling glass of champagne?
… feel how silk smoothly combine with your body?
… admire(or imagine) yourself, beautiful, wearing lacy underwear ? (and why not eating a toffee apple?)
… smell sweet fragrances like cotton candy or hot chocolate with fruits and a glass of red wine?

Now, match these comfy and pleasant sensations with you, beautiful and sensual woman that you are or with the image of the woman you are attracted to (for you FF, BF, husband, or whatever the name you give him): doesn’t it feel like a beautiful day dream?

If you come back to the reality, it is more like you (women) with scratchy thigh-highs, asking yourself when the BF will be here. And after 5 mins with the BF, you can not resist to say :
" Am I fat ?... No, tell me the truth [BF]...Do you think I am fat? I am trying to quit my chocolate and ice cream nights…" And you might even say that while eating a treat! And then what? You would probably get angry hearing “no honey, you look nice and beautiful”… and THAT particular sentence will turn you into an angry monster!!!

Women and sweets are like a love story: they broke up a lot, cry, sometimes make some drama but often come back to their passionate relationship... And it is all about Desire.. This is what relates Lingerie and Sweets : DESIRE.

Oh, and BTW: Because Love is the heart of our blog: we want to share with our followers and friends this beautiful song… Because we love U So…
Cassius, I LOVE U SO :


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