Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mademoiselle A interesting weekend...

As you already know, Mademoiselle A and Mademoiselle L are applying for a visa. And in order to do so, there is a million papers they have to gather together.
One of this is a bank statement. But first you need to have an business account right? Well that is not as easy as it looks like...

The issue were that nobody can help to open an account from Miami for a company in New York... And guess what, bankers wanted Mademoiselle A to register her company in Florida, just to open an account.

So after a lot of stressful talk with bankers in Miami, Mademoiselle A decided that going to New York would be way more simple.
So on friday night, after work, she flew from Miami to New York. Well, she was not expecting to loose 32 °F ( around 20°C) after 3 hours flying!

A cold and frozen toes later, she finally had an account for the company.
She went to see a few things after that, as you will be able to see on the pictures : The new Wonka concept store in Time Square, OK Mr and Ms Potatoes that was just for fun...., and the view from brooklyn heights.

And that is not all... Because what you don't know is that there is Art Basel going on in Miami. And if you need to know one thing is that this is THE SHIT!
So on saturday night, Mademoiselle A flight back to Miami in order to be able to enjoy Art Basel on Sunday.

Art Basel is one of the biggest Art fair in the world, and the city is totally becoming crazy. So there is all the Art fairs, like Art Asia, Scoope, Red Dot... And there is also everything else like live paintings, art gallery openings, street parties...
So basically you can see all the new crazy arty shit from all over the world.

That is quite a weekend, right?


  1. I would love to go to New York some day. But France is way better to me! The food, people, and especially the fashion! I want to some day retire in France, in the country, or Cannes. If i won the lottery today, i would buy a house in France! I went there for two days, and since then, have fell in love with every aspect of France. The closet thing i get to France is books, and movies. But I do hope you will open your lingerie boutique, and fulfill your dreams. I hope some day i can work in fashion and live in France.

  2. We love France to, but we also love the US!!
    Your blog rocks! Who knows, maybe you will fulfil your dream and buy a house in France :)
    Let's keep our fingers cross!

  3. Your blog is really interesting ;)