Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tell us more about you!!!

Hello guys,

Last week we discovered Mademoiselle L and A favorite candy and chocolate spots !
This week, they want to know more about you!!!

- What is your favorite candy? your favorite chocolate?
- Do you have a candy you use to love during your childhood and that you hardly find in candyshops nowadays?
- Do you have a place you like where you discovered an amazing treat?

Leave Mademoiselle L & A comments on the blog, the facebook page or send them an email at:

They want to know more about you and hope that you will be a lot to share your sweets preferences :)


  1. Hiiiiiiiii Sweeties! ♥
    Partecipate at my GIVEAWAY in collaboration with Shopalike!!!!! You can win a wonderful bag!! :)
    I'll be so happy and glad!

    Have a great day...

  2. We will check this out, thanks ;)
    BTW: what is your favorite treat?


  3. Lovely blog!!!!!
    follow me.. I'll follow you!! <3

  4. Candy and chocolate is all I can think about right now... and now that my xmas holidays may have been canceled, it's all I want to eat :(