Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally in Paris together!!! :)

- Metro Parmentier, 11e arrondissement: Paris is completely white! Mademoiselle A is walking in the snow… with cute boots from Miami, but… let’s be honest: snow, cold and high heels? Not an easy way to face the season… but a pretty one!

- Rue..rue..rue.. P. ah, there we are! Mademoiselle A, in front of the building, looks up in the sky and start smiling.
- Mademoiselle L is walking in her apartment… preparing tea, cleaning her mess… gathering paper blocks, pens, plans... And then realizes… “What is missing?”…
- Did you ever feel that you know someone so bad that you forgot you never met that person? Well, let’s be honest that doesn’t happen pretty often… Mademoiselle A thought she would sucks at having the first discussion. You need to know that being sociable isn’t Mademoiselle A cup of tea…
- “Dring!!!”, that is Mademoiselle A in front of the door!!!
- Mademoiselle L opens the door and think: Wow: stylish, bow tie nice smile, no surprise… a well dressed designer with taste!
They both hugged, and started chating like they met ages ago…  in live now! 


  1. Fantastic Paris in White..!
    so Romantic!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Like heaven? :)Same for you right?? Your Ankle Boots Forever 21: very nice!! :)

  3. so funny, lovely x