Sunday, December 12, 2010


What is your favorite sweet? There are so many of them but when you arrive in a store, why do you pick that particular one? (You know… that little cute one waiting for you in its beautiful package whispering: EAT ME)

Mademoiselle L is a chocolate lover! And when I say lover… I mean that she could go into a 24h shop, late at night in her pajamas… just to enjoy a chocolate bar in front of her favorite soap! She often wishes she could fly from Paris to NY just to satisfy her chocolate addiction and you know why? Because she had the chance to eat one of the best chocolate bar ever while travelling to NY last summer! Crafted by chocolate makers using quality beans. It was at The Mast Brothers chocolate factory. It is THE paradise for chocolate addicts! And with no hesitation, Mademoiselle L would pick the Hazelnuts one with Dark Venezuelan chocolate! Yummy!!!

Oh… and can you guess what Mademoiselle A would pick? Any ideas?? This sweet and joyful designer is found of something fruity, colorful, which could be found in different shapes... Something that reminds us of rainbows… It is one of the oldest candies in the world… We are talking about LOLLIPOPS!!! She love them and while making a business trip in Las Vegas, she had the opportunity to drop by The Sugar Factory… a crazy place that just made her head spin in all directions!

And now, some of you might think... “What are these two crazy girls talking about? I thought I was following 2 frenchies trying to set up a Lingerie concept store in NY?” Well, you are! And treats are part of our world too!!! As you have red it on THE LIL B CONCEPT page, our idea is to mix and match lingerie with candy inspirations/aspirations. The candy and chocolate spirit you encounter in previous paragraphs? You will be able to enjoy it with LIL’B.

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