Sunday, November 28, 2010

Backward is ok but forward is better, don’t you think?

Have you heard about revival? We all do because each year, we have this feeling of seeing and experiencing something we already know.
While having a walk through Miami streets to have a glimpse of all fashion trends, Mademoiselle A had that exact feeling “I feel I have already seen this before…” Well guess what: she did! And do you know why? Because Fashion is all about revival…. It is like we are stuck in the past…

Now that we are done being found of the 80s ... (and we are in November… remember this summer how we were found of the 60s, 70s…) Let’ go for the 90s! Underwear is outwear? Thank you Madonna and Jean – Paul (The Blonde Ambition tour might bring back some memories …) Doc Martens, army clothes, large wool sweater, fanny Packs? Classic items of both Mademoiselle L & A childhood…

But, isn’t it too soon to make a revival of the 90’s while it just has been considered vintage?

Are we so nostalgic that we do not want to create anything new? Is innovation difficult to establish in 2010’s Lingerie and Fashion world? Mademoiselle A and L don’t think so! That is the reason why even if they love and respect their past generations, they want to reflect in LIL’B today issues.

We all agree that fashion is a way to revisit the past, but really? A copy of the past? NO.

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