Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes God sends people to test your motivation

Mademoiselle A was having a perfect sunny day in Miami beach. She went to Starbucks to work.
Yes, because what you don't know is that Mademoiselle A lives with a dog, a cat, a couple of friends and sleeps on an airmatress. So when she wants to work, she goes to American's favorite fake coffe place. But that's not the point.
She was ordering when a woman that she didn't know started talking to her while waiting in the line.

Stranger : You have a french accent.

Mademoiselle A : Well, maybe it is because I am french.

Stranger : Are you on vacation or are you living in Miami?

Mademoiselle A : I am living here

Stranger : Do you like Miami?

Mademoiselle A : Yes, that is a really pleasant city, good weather...

Stranger : Oh... I hate Miami.

Mademoiselle A's mind : Mmmmhhh, that is not a nice conversation....
Stranger : What is your job?

Mademoiselle A : I am a fashion designer.

Stranger : Really? ... That is not working really well, right ? Nobody does that anymore!
Mademoiselle A's mind : WTF?????

Stranger :For how long are you staying here?

Mademoiselle A : Actually, I am leaving Miami in December, and I hope to be in New York next year.

Stranger : Oh, New York is way better!

Mademoiselle A'mind : Maybe she is not so mean finally....

Mademoiselle A : I am starting my company.

Stranger : Are you sure? That's not gonna work with the whole economic situation! I know a french girl who came in Miami to design jewelries, she stayed 2 weeks. You will not be able to make it work in New York.

Mademoiselle A' mind : Ok...If it is a joke, that is really not funny.

Stranger : You should definitely go to China to start your company. It would be smarter to go there than New York.

Mademoiselle A : Mmmmmh...I think I should go...

Stranger : Have a nice day, and good luck for your project!

Mademoiselle A stayed in her Starbucks chair during half an hour wondering who payed this woman to be so mean with her. She was also trying to remember the last time that she met someone as mean as that.

Well, the moral of this story is that there will always be people who will try to make you feel like shit no matter what. Maybe it is just God playing around with you, testing you to see if you are strong enough...

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