Sunday, November 21, 2010

We are almost there…

After working day and night to finalize her sketches, loosing faith while being abandoned by her first business partner, thinking and rethinking the little details about the LIL’B concept, finding THE person she thinks could be a great balance for the company success… Mademoiselle A can finally start smiling (at least as a start…).

On the 18th of November, Mademoiselle A received an email. THE kind of email which would make your day starts with a huge smile! LIL’ B was officially created in the state of New York! After jumping, singing, crying (tears of joy of course!)… Mademoiselle A sent an email with the good news to Mademoiselle L, who started jumping, singing, crying, smiling… and both of course called their family and close friends to share the good news.

It may sound a bit “normal” for some of you, probably “the regular” step even… but for Mademoiselle L and A, it is the sign that they are almost there… The 18th of November is a date they are never going to forget.  
Mademoiselle L and A started receiving many paper works and a list of documents to transfer to their lawyer… Actually, the official registration of the company is JUST a start!!! After sipping their glass of champagne (with a gap of 6 hours of course), they realize that… the 18th of November was the date of the beginning of a crazy and exciting marathon!

What comes next? THE visa for Uncle Sam’s land…

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