Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is always a matter of $$$$$

Mademoiselle L needed to get involve as an associate, which means: SHE NEEDED MONEY!

She had to be confident in order to pursue her dream… and nobody, not even the bank would stop her from achieving it! She decided to have an appointment with her counselor. 

She dressed up. Printed the business plan, the provisional budget and headed to her appointment fresh and confident.
Mademoiselle L financial expectations’? Pretty high… but who knows, maybe her bank counselor could have eyes problems that day… or would be in such a good mood he would say yes without asking her for any details about the project?!....

Well…actually… this first crazy obstacle turned out to be very funny… but before we get to the point, some hints need to be given to all the people reading this blog and willing to start their business:
Rule n°1 when you go to see your bank in order to have money, always ask more than what you expect!
Rule n°2 keep in mind that if you have already spoken on the phone with your bank counselor, told him what you need and in the end booked an appointment with him: you will get out of your meeting with a credit for your project.

The question we all wonder now is: Did Mademoiselle L get her credit?

After asking for 3 times the amount she needed, and smiling while the bank counselor was repeating: “sorry Miss L but you cannot have that amount of money”, she finally look at him right in the eyes and said: “well, I don’t think you invited me here just to tell me no, so how much can I get?” He started calculating, simulating and so forth … and in the end, he accepted to give her a credit for the business… not the amount she asked for but enough to make her dreams come true…

And the moral of the story is, do not let anyone tell you that getting money for a project is impossible and hard! Always try and believe in yourself.

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