Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you met...?

The funny thing about our generation is that internet, social media and other means of communication facilitate exchanges between 2 people located in different parts of the world… At this point of the adventure, Mademoiselle L and Mademoiselle A haven’t met yet… Physically, of course… One is in Paris and the other in Miami.

After reading these few lines, you may think “Are these girls crazy?” Of course they are: like a person who would quit everything he has to follow the love of his life in another country, like the two Stanford university geniuses who created the most used search engine in the world, like the business partners who started a software company that revolutionized the personal computer in a garage etc… Don't get me wrong, Mademoiselle L and Mademoiselle A don't think that they are genius, they just see how this good concept could change their lives.

Mademoiselle A and Mademoiselle L are maybe a little bit crazy, but they are not stupid! They see businesses in the 21st century differently. They realize how much they need each other for the building of this company, and to achieve their dreams. They were both linked up by the same business contact that they trust.

The “IF this and IF that happens…” questions are clearly exposed. Scared? They might be. Fear? Part of all changes in life. But in the end, you should know that their willingness to build their own future is giving them the strength and motivation to work hard in order to achieve their dreams.

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  1. Sadly I am your second follower...
    I wish I'd been your first one!!

    Congratulations, girls, you're on the best way to success: Dream and faith are the strongest weappons to open the doors of heaven...