Thursday, November 25, 2010

3, 2, 1 GO !

Getting a visa isn’t a marathon, it is a war !!!
Gathering the documents, making provisional plans…. Proving no matter what that “WE WERE WE WERE ROCK IT!” isn’t the nice, sweet, and funny part…. Well, the adrenaline is nice but… it is really hard! Especially when you are working at the same time….

OMG, we did not tell you? Making our dreams come true is the night part of our lives! On daytime? Like most of the citizens, we have a job! So, after an exhausting day… we have exhausting nights! And a social life… But let’s go back to the visa thingy…

When it is the first time you start a company (oh yeah, because when you see all those people succeeding, people sometimes think they are born for that! Or have 10 companies…) in a foreign country: the pressure is very high: from your home land, from the people receiving you at the border (and we all know how joyful the US borders guys are…), from yourself because you want to succeed.

Oh and please, let’s add to that some spices and start a company while being 6 hours away from one another….! Morality? Be organized! Be confident! And, stick to your plan no matter what… Just to let you know… we will soon be able to meet up.. Mademoiselle A will be in Paris in December. Finally meeting each other? Very exciting!!!

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