Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A moment of reflexion about this crazy world…

Did you ever notice how the Lingerie industry and the Fashion industry make crazy efforts not to be associated with each other?

It is amazing how some people in fashion consider the Lingerie sector as a boring technical craft, and how the Lingerie world evaluates Fashion as an ephemeral tantrum.

What is Fashion? Isn’t it supposed to be a talent based on design , passion, pleasure in order to be different?
Isn’t it the ability to use the right fabrics at the right time for the right people?
Maybe it can be a good marketing strategy with a lot of money…

LIL’B is all about being yourself, being free, being real, and being alive. It is the story of two girls who believe that fashion has to be accessible, affordable and respectful of each person as an individual. Fashion is the ability to see the world with colors, talking to people with fabrics, making them smile.

Wouldn’t it be more funny in this overwhelmed planet to create a whole unique world of ideas without considering yourself too serious?

Mademoiselle L’ and Mademoiselle A’ wish list of changes would be :
*Not crying each time you don’t fit in skinny pants.
*Not lying when someone ask : did you work out? And simply respond : No, I watched Gossip Girl and ate an entire box of chocolate
*Being proud when wearing crazy sneakers at the airport ( the most boring place in this word...)
*Screaming whenever you want ( even in Starbucks!)
Here is a few blogs that 2 frenchies in NY love because they are an inspiration for their everyday actions. They are fresh, not pretentious, and they make them smile. These blogs represents People who reflect what 2 frenchies in NY are struggling for each day. People they believe in. People who are real!

www.myspace.com/ducksaucenyc - represents how Mademoiselle L and A see New York City
http://www.jazzimcg.com/blog/ - a really cool girl who is not too serious about herself
http://happythings.tumblr.com/ - inspiring, will make you feel better


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