Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts these past days... I have a really f***ing bad web connection ( yes... it can happen, even in this century).
But I am still alive!
Well, that is the fashion week in Paris so I was hopping to make some money as a dresser ( my banker is so worried about my lifestyle that he made me sign a death "just in case" paper... whatever).
But I was kinda late, so I got 2 of them, but good ones though!
I was on the Leonard show, which was way better than what I was expecting, and I did Chanel! Ouh yeah!
First, we had to be there for the runway practicing, because I think that we were less expensive than the models (of course). And everything was taped for Karl to decide what he wanted for the next day. So basically, 60 dressers were parading in the middle of the Grand Palais, with music, lights and effects... pretty funny!
Up and in the cold at 7 am today, we were ready for the show! We saw King Karl... but his vision was excluding the dressers type of people, so I didn't get any answer to my "good morning"... which is something in commun with M. Leonard by the way!
Anyway, I am totally dead and will post pictures of my work later, because I am lazy!

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