Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gimme some MAGIC

Hi guys! Back from vacations?

As I am stuck during the whole weekend because of our girlfriend Irene, I take the time to write a nice post for you trendsetters.
During the past week I was in Vegas...I know, that's really cool! But it was not for fun, I was there for the MAGIC.
Not one of the entertainment shows in Vegas, no. THE Magic Tradeshow, where all the fashion brands spend thousand of dollars to show their new collections. Yes. THAT show.
So, of course, that was crazy. I had 2 days to see everything. WWD magic, Pooltradeshow, Project, Slate, Street, Sourcing... All of it. So exciting.
Desigual was the buzz of this show. With a booth 10 times bigger than the other one, they were presenting their new "cirque du soleil" collection.

But for my part, I was more interrested by the new designers. So most of the fresh new concepts were in the Pooltradeshow.
Here is my selection.

First, I would say the weardest thing, but really cool and totally crazy, The Freaker.

Funny video that explain their concept:

Really cool "Rihanna style" jewelry, Miss Wax.

These shoes are my favorites, Jeffrey Campbell.

Amazing industrial/classy jewlery, Rewind.

The funky concept, Uban Aid.

And finally an eyewear brand, really fresh, Quay Eyewear.


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  2. Thank you!
    Keep rocking, and stay tuned!