Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Paris to New York, a fabulous day with Basquiat

For our first 2011 post, we wanted to share a strong experience with all of you. As you know, Mademoiselle A and Mademoiselle L are in Paris together right now.

No need to tell you how much Mademoiselle A is enjoying the parisian city life that she missed while living in Florida. But there is a huge event that reminded her directly of her dream: The Basquiat retrospective at the MAM (the Museum of Modern Art in Paris).

Everybody heard about Basquiat : This young New York artist, who started as a graffiti artist, became a close friend of Andy Warhol and died at the age of 27 years old of an overdose.

What is absolutely amazing about his art is how bad it touches you.You can be an art virgin or an art expert, you will always get out as a different person.
This kind of experience changes your image of art forever.

Imagin that you mix together in a box : violence, death, power, basic instinct, satyrism, symbolism and spontaneity.
Shake it and you obtain what Basquiat's art is about!

At the same time, you feel that you can have a free vision and point of view about his art, like Basquiat would tell you: "don't be shy to feel and see whatever you want".

So now you are intrigued, right? Well, that was the point of that post!

Enjoy the following pics:


  1. wow I love these paintings. And I love the story of your blog. I'm now following!
    xx Tess S.

  2. We just saw the documentary on him. Wish I could go see them.