Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ups & downs of the visa marathon

"Sorry girls but this complete file is not enough for you to have your E2 investors visa".... OMG! The lawyer working with Mademoiselle L & A just spread fear among the girls head! "What should we do? How can we start our project? Are we going to throw up 4 months of hard work to re-start everything in France?
No visa = No "going" to NY = No possibility to achieve their dream?

Long sessions of brainstorming started! First things : "What is missing?" Mademoiselle L & A started to exchange many emails with their lawyer to truly understand what could be missing in a "complete visa file".... Because, in there language...complete means... COMPLETE! FULL! NOTHING MORE TO ADD!

Well apparently, the 2 frenchies were lacking of something more than their business plan, 5 years financial projection, rental contract, financial investment... They needed to prove that they were already on track making business! They had to take more risks because that it's what the Mrs of the Embassy would judge: their personal investment too. Humm... but how can you be making business while knowing that you are not sure to have the right visa allowing you to start working legally???? Tricky one...

The two girls started to scratch their heads and seriously think on how they could make things right! Only one thing came into their mind: "WE HAVE TO GO!" The two girls realized they had to take a business trip and start to "take actively part into their adventure!" (says the lawyer who probably haven't red this blog... )
There is apparently an temporary visa allowing to negociate, set up the store without working and earning money. Adventure means taking risks, right?

In more or less a month, the two girls will be in NY gathering all information needed to secure their investors visa they are not sure to get....Crazy isn't it? But not crazy enough to scare the 2 frenchies who want to start their project in NY...

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